Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

My 10 year old son lost a tooth on Wednesday.  The Tooth Fairy simply forgot to come. Thursday brought a family emergency.  The Tooth Fairy was too worried and forgot to come.  On Friday and Saturday, we were out of town.  The Tooth Fairy, again, just forgot to come.  On Sunday, my son reminded me gently, in his precious, precious way.  The Tooth Fairy ... she still had her head in the muck of her life and forgot to come.

The Tooth Fairy finally remembered my boy on Monday night.  She came before he was asleep, however, and offered him double what she usually gives.  And when she asked, he handed over the tooth with a big, strong hug ... and a sly little grin.

My little man.  So loving.  So forgiving.

I pray that the Tooth Fairy can overcome this season of forgetfulness, because she really hates letting her children down.