Friday, January 29, 2010

A Blog?

Really? A blog? What on earth am I doing? I'm not a writer. I have no dramatic story to tell. Nothing earth-shattering to share. Yet here I am. Why? I'm still not sure.

But I'm learning more and more that my time is shorter than I think. Realizing that I need to venture out and try new things. Find my niché ... my purpose? Create a way to pass along what I do know. Maybe a place to question what I don't. A place to laugh and cry, a place to share and vent, a place to just be me.

This won't be poignant ... I never have the right words to say. It won't be political ... I rarely stand on my soap-box. It won't be educational ... though I do love to share tips and ideas I find. It won't be religious ... but you should know where I stand. It won't be controversial ... anyone that knows me also knows I'll avoid that at almost all costs.

What will it be ... that's to be determined, maybe ever-evolving. But I hope it will be authentically me.

So again, here I am. Doing something that I've pondered now and then but have never tried ... until now.